Planning your business meeting can be taxing. It is important that your meeting run efficiently and effectively to maximize everyone’s time. Having  a meeting run smoothly will keep your employees happy and smiling and the make them more efficient.Here are some tips to making sure you meeting runs smoothly.

Have a clear vision. Before you start planning your meeting, it is essential that you decide what you need to accomplish. Knowing your goals will help determine the size, budget, theme and ideal location for your meeting. Make sure you know what direction the meeting will go in. Always be in control of the meeting unless passing the lead to someone else who will be speaking.

Understand that atmosphere matters. Though it might save money to have your meeting in the conference room down the hall, the stuffy, no-nonsense business atmosphere may hinder more than help. Instead, choose a location that’s professional, yet personal and comfortable, to pave the way for smooth interaction.

Conduct business over a meal. Business meetings are foremost about building and maintaining relationships. Discussing business over drinks or a meal at a venue with personalized service will add to that comfortable atmosphere while building camaraderie. As with the previous tip remember to keep everything professional. You want to entertain your employees or a client but you always want to maintain that control over the meeting.

Know the necessary and available resources. Will you need projection or video-conferencing capabilities complete with an audio setup, high-speed Internet access and a podium? Make sure your location has the necessary technological support for your needs, have everything checked and tested to your specifications, and don’t forget to have backups.

Trust the professionals. They have a lot of experience and know what they’re doing. If you have an experienced guest at your meeting make sure they can take control of the situation. Never let the meeting get out of control or let the conversation get distracted. Having this state of control will lead to happy and efficient meeting

Following these tips should lead you to a successful and productive meeting. If everyone at the meeting is happy, you will be happy.