1. How to Avoid Procrastination and Become More Productive

    When working in a professional environment, it is important to avoid procrastination. This is also true in your own personal life. Why? Well, if you want to be productive, this is very essential, in every aspect. In a professional setting, it is easy to get distracted by so many things such as noise, office politics, and email messages. Blocking out the Noise In other words, there is always going …Read More

  2. How to Improve Your Time Management Skills

    Many people wished that there was more time in each day to complete all of their goals. However, there is only twenty four hours in each day and so, it is important to adopt effective time management skills. Why is it that certain individuals can achieve a lot during the day than others? Well, the solution is disciplined time management and organization. Being a High Achiever High achievers are ab…Read More

  3. How to Use a Scheduling Plan to Manage Your Time Successfully

    Are you always running late for your appointments and you just cannot seem to improve this situation? Do you know why? Is it that you do not keep a calendar or set reminders for yourself? This could be as a result of not having a well thought out daily plan and schedule. Try to find a different way to improve your punctuality so that your day can go smoother. set aside some time to create an appoi…Read More

  4. How to Differentiate Real Time and Clock Time for Effective Results

    Which one of the times best describes your personal and business world? Is it clock time or real time? With effective time management, clock time is not as relevant as real time. All of us reside in real time where once time passes, you cannot get it back. For you, the good news is that real time is more mental than physical. You are the one that creates it in your mind. And once you create it, yo…Read More

  5. How Successful People Manage their Scheduling System

    If you want more success in business or in your work life, you have to determine your goals, ideals and daily routines. These play an integral part in anyone’s success. Let’s look at some of the daily routines that you need to carry out if you want to enjoy success as an entrepreneur or productive employee. Routine in the Morning If you want to be a high achiever, you have to get up early in t…Read More

  6. Time Management: How Attorneys can Manage Their Time More Efficiently

    The daily schedule of an attorney is very hectic, and sometimes; it can even be overbook due to unexpected events and other emergencies. Because of this, time management becomes an important part of the attorney’s goals. The American Bar Association did a study in 2011, which indicated that thirty percent of all legal malpractice cases resulted from administrative mistakes such as performance pr…Read More

  7. What is the Level of Your Project Management Skills?

    Even if you are not the project manager on your job, you will probably be asked to be part of the team on some project at some time or the other. You may be asked by your employer to initiate a change in department procedure or to be instrumental in providing assistance at a branch office opening. Projects can be different in scope and size. Therefore, you have to be prepared to handle any project…Read More

  8. How to Successfully Organize a Large Corporate Event

    If you want to track large corporate events and ensure that they are carried out efficiently, you will need organization and time management skills. It is all in the detail. It is important to be skilled in organizing a large event calendar of business commitments and social engagements. How can you do this without being overwhelmed? Let’s take a closer look. Online or Handheld Calendar You can …Read More

  9. How Communication can Improve Time Management for a Productive Workplace

    It is important to have excellent communication skills in the workplace because this helps with time management and efficiency. The ability to communicate well keeps the staff more focused on meeting deadlines. In so doing, they will be able to manage their time in an effective manner. It is vital to understand the process of communicating in order to improve productivity and open the doors to man…Read More