1. How to Effectively Schedule and Hold a Remote Team Meeting

    There are times when remote meetings can be counterproductive, unproductive, or just a waste of time, if not handled properly. There are several reasons why this happens, some of which could be faulty software, lack of knowledge, slow Internet connection, or uninterested attendees. There has to be some way to deal with this issue by removing the miscommunication, awkward pauses, and the overt disc…Read More

  2. Meeting Scheduling for the Appropriate Time of the Day

    If you work in a team environment, there is a chance that your inbox messaging system is usually flooded with a lot of messages about meetings, RSVP invitations, client calls, and special request to have lunch. Let’s assume that you can control your daily calendar. The response made on all of these offers will typically depend on your availability and what you will benefit by going to a meeting …Read More