Scheduling Patterns
Scheduling Patterns

Many Americans love to see their forefathers as mystical characters that seem to be larger than life as well as accomplished in more ways than one. More importantly, most people admire individuals who are more capable in what they do with their lives. However, most of these admired individuals do most of the same things that others do in their lives, except for possibly having a passion or purpose that they may have taken seriously more than others. One such individual is Benjamin Franklin who is that ancient-looking man placed on the $50 American bill.

Maintaining a Daily Schedule

Franklin is known for keeping a written daily schedule, teaching us all a valuable lesson of how important scheduling patterns are to achieving our goals and aspirations. Let’s look at some of these lessons that Benjamin Franklin can teach us in our own daily lives as to making and keeping regimented and focused scheduling patterns. These lessons will only serve to help us in our accomplishments.

All about the Benjamin

Time and money are two resources that are important to helping us to reach our goals. However, there has to be a budget for both and the budget has to be tangible and always up front where you can see it on a daily basis. Every time, you consider spending out of your time and money bank, remember how hard and challenging it was to achieve it in the first place. Like Benjamin Franklin, you should see the time budget as one of the most important scheduling patterns because the hours in the day allocated will determine your bottom line. Make sure you do some planning first, though.

Going Steady

Benjamin Franklin proved that he maintained a steady pace in his daily routine and scheduling patterns. In fact, he lived life using this strategy, whether he was offering freedom to American colonies, inventing bifocals or foreign diplomat negotiation. Franklin always had the same routine every day, at least as much as he could. He was able to create balance in his life as a result of doing this. It is imperative for you to find the balance as Benjamin Franklin did.

The Shifting

Nothing in the daily schedule that Franklin had could explain his job description. He would draft simple daily scheduling patterns that anyone could follow. If you cannot follow the same regimen like Benjamin did, then you can make sure that you shift up your hours to fit in family time as well as business time.

Organizing is Essential

It is important to maintain some sense of organization, ensuring that you stick to your time and to your budget. Do like Benjamin Franklin by putting your toys back into the box when you are done working and starting afresh the next day, picking out the priority projects that you were unable to accomplish the day before.


Online scheduling is one way to assume even a little bit of what Franklin accomplished. Of course, he did not have that privilege, but you do. Face your real life experiences by getting ready for specific situations that could occur. Scheduling appointments online is an ideal option. You don’t have to stick to rigid plans, but when something changes, you are always able to make the updates and then move on to the next task at hand.

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