Meeting Scheduling
Meeting Scheduling

If you work in a team environment, there is a chance that your inbox messaging system is usually flooded with a lot of messages about meetings, RSVP invitations, client calls, and special request to have lunch. Let’s assume that you can control your daily calendar. The response made on all of these offers will typically depend on your availability and what you will benefit by going to a meeting or accepting an invitation.

The Rarity

It is rare that you would think about the specific timing as to when you are the most productive during the day. Therefore, if the meeting, for example, was scheduled for later in the afternoon, it could be a problem for you. This is especially true if you are the most productive in the afternoon as opposed to the morning. To make the right decision, then, you have to consider the timing.

The Most Energy

Each person has a different time when they have the most energy during the day. Some people work best in the morning while others do better in the evening. There are even some people that work better during the night. Some people have a lot of energy in the morning and experience low energy in the afternoon, only to be upbeat again in the evening. Everyone knows their ‘energy time.’

Meeting Appointments

Meeting scheduling requires advanced preparation and so you have to establish the day and time when you can stay alert. Meeting appointments are quite similar. For most people, appointment scheduling between 9AM and 11AM is pretty safe to remain alert. Of course, if there is a time conflict, then you could opt for scheduling the appointment from 2PM to 3PM. Not everyone follows the same time pattern. So, nothing is cut in stone. However, it is best to stay with one pattern and not deviate from it unless there is an appointment scheduling conflict.

Being Productive

To be productive each day, it is important that you protect the hours that are available to you in the day. You also want to handle the high priorities first so that by the time your afternoon meeting comes around; you will have all your ‘ducks in a row.’ You will then have time to focus on the matter at hand instead of thinking about what you did not get finished prior to attending the meeting.


Try to be proactive when it comes to the hours in your day. If you have a RSVP invitation to a special meeting or occasion, be sure to make your decision known. Put the date on your calendar right away. If you have been scheduled to attend a staff meeting and you are running against the clock, be sure to notify the team and reschedule once you determine that you are unable to make it. You could have an automated online scheduling system to help you to maintain your time management skills.

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