Appointment Scheduling
Appointment Scheduling

Any dental practice is built on various organizational systems to ensure its success and patient satisfaction. These organizational systems have to be executed in such a way as to foster integrity and consistency, resulting in patient confidence. Dental practices have about twenty five organizational systems, a few of which will be discussed here. The dentist and staff must ensure that the systems are efficiently managed and structured. If not, there will be malfunctions in the effectiveness and efficiency of the dental practice. The system’s process has to operate smoothly. The staff and all professionals within the system must be committed to ensuring efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at the various things that affect the system.

Appointment Scheduling

In every dental practice, appointment scheduling is an essential and integral part of the process. In many cases, dental patients have to use a telephone to call in and make an appointment. There are times when the dental staff may be busy and have to put patients on hold. This is not a smooth process. If an appointment scheduling system is utilized where it is automated, wouldn’t this make a considerable difference for the dental practice? You bet it would. Patients would receive better quality service and the staff would be less stressed. These days, an appointment book just won’t be enough for an efficient system. Without automated appointment scheduling, the system could get bogged down and production lost.

The Patient

There are several steps as it relates to online appointment scheduling. First, the patient is to be at the forefront when strategizing the production goal each day. The dentist should be aware of the exact dollar amount that goes in and out of the dental practice that will determine the production goal. However, within the mix of gaining financial security, the patient has to be considered.

The Staff

A dentist should always delegate work to the staff and not take on everything or burn out will occur. The clinical assistant or dental hygienist should have their own job description and stick to it. The receptionist is also an integral part of the process. This is the person on the frontline dealing directly with the patient. This includes setting appointments and sending reminders and follow ups. To make the receptionist’s job easier, an automated system should be considered.


When the dentist embraces the concept of online appointment scheduling, a staff meeting should be called in order to discuss how it will effectively impact the dental practice. Analyze the major processes and how appointment scheduling will make it simpler and efficient.

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