If you own a medical practice, as a physician, having an automated appointment scheduling system and answering service is important after your office closes. This will improve the overall management of your medical practice and the level of service offered to patient care. It is then important to ensure HIPPA compliance with this scheduling system. This means that the patient’s medical history needs to remain private and confidential. So, before choosing an automated appointment scheduling system, ensure that companies practice HIPPA compliance.

Automated Systems

Not all of these automated systems are the same. There are some answering service systems, for example that forward urgent calls to the doctor, which patients would prefer. However, there are some that ask you to leave a message and have the doctor call you back. Answering services and appointment scheduling systems should have the ability to directly forward the urgent calls to the physicians.

The Economics and Convenience

Answering services and appointment scheduling systems are economical for the medical practitioner and convenient for the patient. While you are not talking to a human being, you are still getting things done. Moreover, humans do make mistakes and automated services usually don’t. What you put into the system is what you get out of it. In some cases, automated systems are able to handle several languages, which make them an asset for physicians.

Lessen No-Shows

With an automated system in a medical practice, it will lessen the no-shows. Most of these systems are offered 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. So, the patients can utilize the system out of office hours. For that reason, no shows will be reduced considerably. The automated system not only sets up a patient appointment, but also does follow ups and reminders. With a busy internal staff, it is a welcome relief for many.

The Patients

Patients are the heartbeat of any medical practice. Without patients, there would be no practice. If you care about your patient’s welfare, then it is advised that you do whatever it takes to offer convenience to them. What better way to do so than with either an answering service or appointment scheduling system? This could be the ultimate success for your medical practice. Many physicians are being left behind as this innovative technology is taking over.


A patient can schedule an appointment right from their smartphones or mobile devices. That is the convenience that they are seeking. For that reason, physicians need to embrace the new age of technology in medicine. Don’t be left behind.