1. Take a Break! (Part 1)

    One of the most common misconceptions about time management is that you should jut work continuously until the task is done. This is not true and can actually be detrimental to your goals. Taking breaks helps you to complete a task in them most effective manner possible. In fact people who take breaks are often more productive and get things done more often than people who try to cram everything i…Read More

  2. Time Management and Stress

    Time management skills are something that everyone can benefit from. People often strive to be the best at completing tasks. This is a good mind set to have if you want to be efficient in what you do. Trying to balance a lot of things at once does comes with its negatives as well. Stress cause by overwhelming tasks is apparent but if you do not know how to manage time efficiently you may find your…Read More

  3. Tips for Planning

    Planning your next big project or meeting takes time. You need to split the work up so that you can accomplish your goals. Planning for a specific goal is something you should always do. You want the task to drive the completion of the projects and the projects to drive completion of your bigger goals. Not prioritizing things correctly can be the downfall of any good plan. Trying to do everything …Read More

  4. Doctor Appointments

    Personal health is important for everyone. Part of staying healthy involves visiting the doctor for regular checkups. When you go to the doctor for things other than checkups it can be a little uncomfortable. Having a good relationship with your doctor can make all the difference. Being able to talk with your doctor about issues you are having with your health is very important. Your health care p…Read More

  5. More Information for Starting your Small Business Online

    Small Businesses use online marketing to help promote their up and coming businesses Using online marketing is essential for a successful business. Many people are not aware of the proper way to utilize online marketing. This article will help you along the way by providing helpful information for online marketing so that your small business can be successful. Here are some tips for online marketi…Read More

  6. Ways to Improve Communication with your Employees

    Communication is very important in the workplace. Having proper communication within the proper context is a must. Here are some tips to help you and your employees communicate better and the make the work environment more efficient. Listening more and talking less means you will understand and bring your employees into the conversation. This helps them to trust you and make them feel that you rea…Read More

  7. Tips for an Efficient Meeting

    Planning your business meeting can be taxing. It is important that your meeting run efficiently and effectively to maximize everyone’s time. Having  a meeting run smoothly will keep your employees happy and smiling and the make them more efficient.Here are some tips to making sure you meeting runs smoothly. Have a clear vision. Before you start planning your meeting, it is essential that you d…Read More

  8. Managing your Time when you’re Self-Employed

    When you're your own boss, it can be difficult to stay efficient. It's comparatively easy to look at another person and see when they're being distracted or unfocused, but it's not the same when you have to self-regulate. We are not naturally self-critical, and when you are distracted by something, it's because you think something else is more important than your work in that moment. That's when y…Read More

  9. Scheduling for Food Service

    Dealing with your scheduling in an efficient way in the food industry can be a bit of a nightmare. Every single shift needs to be packed and buttressed with extra people on call. Then you have to call 4 to 8 people to them to let them know whether they need to show up that day, usually for two or three shifts a day. We know how that goes. Half don't pick up, and some don't show up when asked, so y…Read More

  10. 5 Tips for Using your Time More Efficiently

    Your time is your most precious resource. Using your time more efficiently literally gives you MORE time to work with. This is especially vital for small business owners who spend a large amount of time on administrative tasks that do not make any money. If you spend 50% of your time on paperwork and only 50% on the part that serves clients and makes you money, then increasing your efficiency by …Read More