1. How You Can Get a Quick Doctor’s Appointment

    Are you ill or do you have a specific medical condition where you have to see a doctor quickly? Is it usually hard to get a doctor’s appointment and so you are concerned that you will not be able to get medical attention? Your doctor may be busy and have a huge workload and for that reason, you may have to go to the emergency room or walk-in clinic. These are viable alternatives to get a quick d…Read More

  2. Overcoming Obstacles to Time Management

     In any company, there are several things that could waste your time, but your supervisor may never tell you about it. In addition, you may not have an awareness of what these things are. If you become aware of it and are able to minimize these things, then you could be more productive in the workplace and actually enjoy doing your work. Let’s get familiar with some of these time wasters in the…Read More

  3. Effective Resource Management in the Workplace

    It is important to effectively manage the resources in your workplace, especially if you have a demanding business. When you have to manage your business manually, it becomes even more demanding for everyone involved. It is even more real when you have to be keeping track of appointments made by your clients and simultaneously manage your employee’s work. Pen and paper was once very useful and s…Read More

  4. Time Management as a Small Business

    Managing time and appointments is a critical component of managing people in a small business, and it can eat up a tremendous amount of your personal time. These necessities include: Staff scheduling Appointment scheduling Long-term recurring appointments As a business owner, you have a lot of other critical tasks to put your time into, be that your quarterly taxes, or the actual business of runni…Read More

  5. What to do When You are Behind on Your Work

    Everyone has been in a position where they are scrambling to get something done. Playing catch up is not a fun thing but it is something that everyone will have to go through once in their life at least. School work can pile up on you. Those assignments from your boss are starting to fill your inbox and there is not an end in sight. While it is not optimal to be behind on things and you should try…Read More

  6. The Impact of the Contemporary Method of Scheduling Appointments

    It is important in a service-oriented business to have an efficient way of scheduling appointments. The traditional phone appointments are still a part of the process for many companies. However, because of the mandatory need for internal staff, business owners have to be prepared to consider the expenses that come with that. In addition, when customers or clients make phone appointments, there is…Read More

  7. How to Use a Scheduling Plan to Manage Your Time Successfully

    Are you always running late for your appointments and you just cannot seem to improve this situation? Do you know why? Is it that you do not keep a calendar or set reminders for yourself? This could be as a result of not having a well thought out daily plan and schedule. Try to find a different way to improve your punctuality so that your day can go smoother. set aside some time to create an appoi…Read More

  8. Dental Practice: Time Saving Tips

    Dentists are busy people with very important jobs. They often have a large number of patients at any given time. It is important for these people to manage their time effectively. Most people think dentists and doctors have similar scheduled and their practices run the same. This is in fact not true. Dentists are also running a business. They have to manage their employees and their patients. The …Read More

  9. Do You Know Why Your Patients Aren’t Keeping Their Appointment?

    Have you ever thought about why patients are missing their appointments? How do you handle a no-show patient or how do you start to understand the problem? Most medical practices are not even aware of the rate of the missed patient appointments. Some doctors do not even take the time to assess the data as it relates to their patient visits, identifying the trends that stem from the problem. The An…Read More

  10. Meeting the Request to Schedule an Important Meeting

    Has your supervisor or manager ever requested that you schedule an important meeting with several executives from various parts of the world? How did you handle it? Was your boss pleased with your competence? When you are put in charge of such an important task, how can you schedule a meeting for fifteen executives from three different companies with three different time zones? Organizing and Plan…Read More