Meetings are an essential part of most businesses an employees must take part in the meetings whether they like it or not. Meetings can be much more productive and efficient when the people involved are positive and take part in the meeting effectively. Here are some things not to do in a meeting.

Keep the meeting focused and don’t bring up unrelated issues. Don’t be the person who derails the conversation. This can distract from the purpose of the meeting and can irritate your coworkers. Do not be the side tracker.

Speak up and be prepared. Don’t be the cold silent type. It doesn’t work in the dating world and it doesn’t work in the professional world. Try to say something in every meeting. If you sit there quietly throughout the meeting, your co-workers might think you’re not paying attention or that you don’t care about what’s going on in the meeting. The other side of this idea is to not be the person who draws all of the attention to themselves in the meeting. This is distracting and takes away from the purpose of the meeting. It isn’t about you unless it is and in that case you should have something productive prepared to say to the group that helps the team along.

Put your phone down. Do not have your phone out all the time during a meeting. This is rude to whoever is speaking and shows your co-workers that you don’t care about the meeting. Unless you’re expecting some important news or you have an emergency keep the phone away.

Pay attention. Do not daydream in meetings. Make sure you have something to say and pay attention to who is speaking. This shows attentiveness.

Do not be afraid to pose counter arguments in the meeting. Do not be a kiss up. Sometimes other people’s ideas are not the best ones but be practical and respectful of others so that the meeting can progress positively.

Show up and be on time. The final no-brainer about meetings is very apparent. Show up to the meeting and be on time.  Being late or not showing up to the meeting shows lack of commitment and hinders your co-workers from getting things done. Having an automated scheduling system can help people to show up on time.

Following some of these helpful tips will make you a star meeting attendee. This will show all other attendees that you are the example they should strive to mimic. Being prompt and helpful in a meeting can make all the difference when it comes to group productivity. Following these tips and using automated appointment scheduling to make sure everyone arrives promptly or at all will make for a great productive meeting.