Communication is very important in the workplace. Having proper communication within the proper context is a must. Here are some tips to help you and your employees communicate better and the make the work environment more efficient.

Listening more and talking less means you will understand and bring your employees into the conversation. This helps them to trust you and make them feel that you really understand their needs. When they talk, be interested and show your interest. This will improve the rapport you are trying to build. Too many words will bore your employee, take up too much time and it results in you losing credibility. Remember not to use words that people don’t understand (they may not even tell you that they don’t understand what you are saying), as you may appear intimidating and make them feel inferior.

Communication happens in the break room, at the copy machine, or even in the bathroom.  Formal, work-related communication should not happen in these settings.  If you have a critical project or work-related topic to discuss with your staff, schedule a meeting.

Have your staff report in on status updates on an ongoing basis.  There should be no surprises and you should know in an instant where your staff is on any given assignment.  Set the standard to receive regular reporting and require it.  It will help your staff better balance their workload and increase their accountability.

In official settings, communication via email remains potent. It will enable you to pass messages to members of your team without pulling them out of their work stations.

If you want your team members to take you serious, never sound like a broken record and don’t beat a dead horse. Tell your team members what you want them to know or do and ask them if they are clear about it. If they are not, only then do you repeat what you have said.

One major thing you can do to improve your own verbal skills with your staff and in every day life in general is to increase your vocabulary. There are many brain training apps and software out there to designed to help improve vocabulary. Having a larger vocabulary will allow you to use business language fluently with your staff and increase rapport.


Following these tips will help you to improve your language with employees. Utilizing good verbal communication can be just what you need in the work environment.