Managing time and appointments is a critical component of managing people in a small business, and it can eat up a tremendous amount of your personal time. These necessities include:

  • Staff scheduling
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Long-term recurring appointments

As a business owner, you have a lot of other critical tasks to put your time into, be that your quarterly taxes, or the actual business of running your business.

This is where third party software comes in handy. Especially cloud based 3rd party software. What this allows you to do, is create a digital schedule that is accessible from anywhere using any electronic device with the ability to connect to the internet.

A critically important feature of this is that every single alteration to this schedule no longer has to flow through you by phone or in person, effectively freeing you from your role as secretary. An online scheduling system allows your employees and clients to access the schedule directly to cancel appointments or make them, and automatically emails everyone involved to make sure that the information is passed along to all relevant parties.

This dramatically decreases miscommunications or failures in communication, and leads to happier customers, and a more efficient use of your time.

Not only can you increase the efficiency of your workday, and prevent scheduling mishaps with your clients and employees, you can also free up time to do the things that only you, as the business owner and expert, can do.

This can greatly improve your productivity in any owner-operator small business, where the key expert performing the service might have to spend half their day performing administrative tasks instead. With a cloud based software program performing a large proportion of your administrative tasks for you, that time can be allocated to the work that actually makes you money.

It used to be the case that a small business needed to have an opportunity cost that was large enough to justify hiring an administrative assistant, before the owner could afford to unburden themselves from those tasks. Something that simply never happens for a lot of small business owners unless they scale up significantly.

With this software, small businesses can unburden their principal expert from administrative duties at a small fraction of the cost of an employee. With the primary expert able to spend more time serving clients and customers, there is a slew of consequences for the business. These include:

  • Higher overall productivity
  • Higher quality work
  • The ability to lower prices and price competitors out of the market

As you can see, these innovations can be critical to the success of a small business.

America’s businesses are increasingly outsourcing not to China, but to computer programs and the cloud. This allows small businesses to attain the same advantages that were traditionally not affordable to companies until they achieved economies of scale.

Your small business can compete in on this level too. You can find any number to third party software programs to drastically reduce your personal time investment in tasks that underutilize your personal expertise. You can get third party scheduling software to free yourself up from administrative duties and client management tasks.