When making changes, the easiest way to find room for improvement is in small but consistent adjustments in the way you work. Doing a small thing over a long period of time will have a massive effect on your bottom line. This is the same principle that makes it so important to have a budget. Sometimes it is hard for us to realize how small things can add up. For example, a daily 5-dollar cup of coffee can end up costing you over a thousand dollars a year. Thankfully though, we can take advantage of this effect by making small positive changes, that when done consistently can create lasting effects.
Examine your long-term goals
First, decide what things are important to you, and try to establish a timeline for accomplishing them. For example, if you are attempting to move your finances to a more stable place, you might set a goal of paying off a certain amount of debt, or saving a certain amount of money in a savings account or emergency fund. Then, examine your budget, and try to find a small area in which you can save money, or a method for you to earn more. This does not need to be something large. Picking up a few extra hours or gigs a week can end up creating a big financial difference. However, you must be careful that the extra money does not end up being spend in some other way. Everyone has heard of lifestyle creep, where as we make more money, people have a tendency to spend it making small upgrades, be it nicer furniture, more expensive food, cars, or vacations. Before you know it, any savings that you could have made will have disappeared.
Be Consistent
It shouldn’t be a surprise that the focus of a blog on consistency will be exactly that: ensuring that small changes stick. If you are going to eat healthy or work out, it is incredibly important that you make a habit of the new lifestyle. With these types of changes, not only will consistency help you to achieve your goals, but it will also help to train your mind. If you can consistently master yourself and make a habit of healthy living, your brain will adapt to the new pattern. And as humans, we like patterns. Finding a routine to sink into can change working out from a chore, to something effortless. Your brain and body already know that it is coming, and so they are ready for it.