taking-a-break-1302006850sf9In the second part of this feature on breaks we will talk about tips for taking a break. Making sure you use your break effectively is essential for managing your time effectively. Breaks are meant to be a certain amount of time but that amount of time is dictated by you. You need to plan accordingly to make sure you leave yourself enough time to complete your task. Here are some common tips for what to do on your break.

Make sure you set a time for your break. Breaks are useless if they become vacations. Taking a break from work is different than abandoning it all together. Make sure you set a time limit on your break. Now this doesn’t mean it has to be a short break but if you are taking more than day, you should make sure you have the self-will to come back to your work. Adhere to your time schedule and you will be fine.

The break is a time of rest, use it! If you feel run down take a nap or eat some food. You need to take care of yourself when working and a break is a great time to do that. If it is late at night make sure you allow yourself enough time to sleep to recharge your batteries. People who look at computers all day absolutely need time to rest their eyes to avoid strain.

If you are working on a team make sure they know the expectations of your break and theirs. Always communicate so one person is not left hanging without a break. Everyone needs time to rest.

Going for a walk on your break is always great. This gets the blood flowing and allows you to clear your head. Getting some fresh air is great for your body. If you work at a job where you are sitting a lot walking is a good way to avoid the sedimentary lifestyle of the office.

Talk to people on your break, having some social interaction to talk about something other than work is very good. Not thinking about work helps your brain to reset so you can be fresh when you come back from your break. Make sure to get some social interaction at least while you work.

Hopefully this feature was helpful in seeing why breaks are so important. They are a part of te wrok day and should not be underestimated.