two_men_taking_a_break One of the most common misconceptions about time management is that you should jut work continuously until the task is done. This is not true and can actually be detrimental to your goals. Taking breaks helps you to complete a task in them most effective manner possible. In fact people who take breaks are often more productive and get things done more often than people who try to cram everything into an enormous block of time. Working hard is important but working for too long will cause fatigue and make it so you do not do your best work possible. People who are highly productive do not actually go full speed all the time. Taking breaks is an essential part of productivity. Here are some more reasons why you should take a break to help manage time more efficiently.

Taking a break gives you time to think. If you have you head down in your work all day you mind does not have room for free thought. Taking a break to gain some perspective is a great reason. Getting an overhead view of your task instead of being bogged down in it can do wonders especially if you are stuck in a creative rut.

Taking a break lets you also recharge your batteries. It is good to give your brain a break every once and a while and taking a break will let you do that. Rest your body as well. DO not let yourself get too tired or your work will suffer. Refocusing is allowed to happen when you take a break. This lets your brain “reset” allowing new thought s to come in that might help you to be more productive.

Make sure to take good care of your body so it can handle the task you are trying to accomplish. Eat some good healthy food, and then top it off with some comfort food for some good feelings. Make sure you have some fuel so you can keep going with your task.

If you are stuck, it is always helpful to ask for help. Getting help from others can make the task feel lighter and allow you to manage your time with the task more effectively. People may have experience in what you are doing and can offer some great advice.

Remember breaks are a part of completing a task. Doing some of these things on breaks will help your to get your priorities straight.