1. Tips on Organizing Your Patient’s Appointments

    A medical practice has many patients each day and the staff has to deal with many appointments in the process. The doctor and staff are kept busy all throughout the day with more phone calls being received for scheduled appointments at future dates. The staff has to be careful not to overbook appointments or the physician will be overwhelmed and some patients may not receive the care they normally…Read More

  2. How to Increase Productivity in a Dental Practice

    Do you feel as if you are riding on a treadmill every day? Are you running around with so much to do that you cannot even scratch your head? If you work in a dental practice or own one and need to increase productivity and not feel as if you are wading in a pool of ‘things to do’ with not much movement, then you need help. Overwhelmed Feelings After seeing numerous patients, dentists can get o…Read More

  3. The Effect of an Organized Internal Office Practice on Employees

    There is a connection between having quality internal staff support and motivating your employees to be more efficient. What you offer to your employees is pretty much usually what you get from them. The backbone of your office practice is the efficiency of your internal staff support. This will show in their performance and the outcome of their productivity as it benefits the company. The Core Th…Read More

  4. Proper Appointment Scheduling Improves Efficiency in Business

    Whether you operate a medical practice, a dental office or law firm, your clients want to be satisfied with the service that you provide. In fact, if you do offer satisfactory service, you will have a better rate of client retention. This is important to the survival of your business. If you agree with all three facts, then you will understand the need for the appropriate appointment schedule in o…Read More

  5. Lessening the Impact of No Show Appointments

    Appointment reminders have always been important for an organization to stay on schedule and to satisfy patients, customers, students, employees and clients. Reservation reminders are just as important. Without appointment reminders, people can forget about important dates and scheduled activities. The organization will benefit from the reminder because it could reduce appointment no shows. When t…Read More