1. Myths about Procrastination

    Procrastination is something that many people suffer from. It is the leading cause in missed assignments and work goals. It can be especially detrimental when your career starts to suffer because of it. Some people do have the wrong idea about procrastination. Here are some common myths about procrastination. Some people think that procrastination is just poor time management. This is not true. Pr…Read More

  2. Managing your Time when you’re Self-Employed

    When you're your own boss, it can be difficult to stay efficient. It's comparatively easy to look at another person and see when they're being distracted or unfocused, but it's not the same when you have to self-regulate. We are not naturally self-critical, and when you are distracted by something, it's because you think something else is more important than your work in that moment. That's when y…Read More

  3. Scheduling for Food Service

    Dealing with your scheduling in an efficient way in the food industry can be a bit of a nightmare. Every single shift needs to be packed and buttressed with extra people on call. Then you have to call 4 to 8 people to them to let them know whether they need to show up that day, usually for two or three shifts a day. We know how that goes. Half don't pick up, and some don't show up when asked, so y…Read More

  4. Saving Money with Cloud Applications

    Staying on top of the curve when it comes to new business innovations is essential in any competitive market. In the 90s and early 2000s, millions upon millions of jobs flowed out of Europe and North America to cheap labor markets in India and Asia, greatly enriching CEOs, shareholders, and business owners, and deeply crippling the middle class. It was such a huge shift that nobody could escape it…Read More

  5. Managing your Employee’s Time

    A proper delegation of tasks is a vital part of managing your labor hours. There are two extremes here that are important to avoid, that of micromanagement and no management. You purchased their labor, and so you want to use it to your full advantage. To make that work for you properly, you need to keep some certain principles in mind. Your time matters too Chances are, your time is more valuable …Read More

  6. 5 Tips for Using your Time More Efficiently

    Your time is your most precious resource. Using your time more efficiently literally gives you MORE time to work with. This is especially vital for small business owners who spend a large amount of time on administrative tasks that do not make any money. If you spend 50% of your time on paperwork and only 50% on the part that serves clients and makes you money, then increasing your efficiency by …Read More

  7. How Driving Instructors can benefit from Online Appointment Scheduling

    To schedule a driving lesson with an instructor, most times, you have to make a phone call. What happens if the instructor is out on the road, trying to teach students how to drive? Many driving instructors are independent contractors with no access to an office, but they do business over their cell phone. For that reason, for a student interested in going to driving school, it may not be convenie…Read More

  8. Time Management: How Attorneys can Manage Their Time More Efficiently

    The daily schedule of an attorney is very hectic, and sometimes; it can even be overbook due to unexpected events and other emergencies. Because of this, time management becomes an important part of the attorney’s goals. The American Bar Association did a study in 2011, which indicated that thirty percent of all legal malpractice cases resulted from administrative mistakes such as performance pr…Read More

  9. Improve the Experience of Customers with Online Scheduling

    In the age where technology is driving the world, people are accustomed to receiving various types of innovative services and products, available right at their fingertips. As technology continues to advance, more people own tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices. This allows more of these people to have access to the Internet whenever they want. It also allows business owners to become mo…Read More

  10. What You Can Learn From the Scheduling Patterns of Benjamin Franklin

    Many Americans love to see their forefathers as mystical characters that seem to be larger than life as well as accomplished in more ways than one. More importantly, most people admire individuals who are more capable in what they do with their lives. However, most of these admired individuals do most of the same things that others do in their lives, except for possibly having a passion or purpose…Read More