1. Why Should I Manage My Time?

    People think of time management skills as something only some people have. Time management skills are ones that many strive for and less accomplish. Managing your time effectively is very important for your day to day life. Not only to get things done when they should be but to make sure you are feeling good about what you do as well. Here are some reasons why you should manage your time. One of t…Read More

  2. Motivation and Time Management

    Motivation is something that everyone struggles with on a daily basis. Getting things done is very difficult when the proper motivation is not present. Getting motivated can be hard and without this motivation there is no way to manage time efficiently. Here is some information about time management relating to motivation that may shed some light on the situation. In an ideal world you start a tas…Read More

  3. More Information for Starting your Small Business Online

    Small Businesses use online marketing to help promote their up and coming businesses Using online marketing is essential for a successful business. Many people are not aware of the proper way to utilize online marketing. This article will help you along the way by providing helpful information for online marketing so that your small business can be successful. Here are some tips for online marketi…Read More

  4. Things Small Businesses Can Do to Run More Efficiently

    Starting a small business can be exciting and scary all at the same time. Getting the money, time and manpower together to get it up and running can be difficult. However, once you get the business going it can the most rewarding and satisfying experience of your life. Here are a few things small businesses can do to help manage time and make the business run more efficiently. Automated scheduling…Read More

  5. Misconceptions about Time Management

    Time management is a skill that many strive to achieve. Time is something that is hard to manage and sometimes you need some advice on how to manage it. Here some common myths you may hear about time management so that you can avoid these when looking for advice. 1. People think that the faster you get something done the better. This is sometimes the case. However, you want to also make sure the j…Read More

  6. Employee Utilization

    The utilization of an employee is something that must be discussed when running a business. Employee Utilization is described by business dictionaries as a method that attempts to maximize the efficiency of a company's employees. This can be accomplished by a variety of methods, including training an employee in multiple areas so that they can switch from one role to another depending upon where t…Read More

  7. Ways to Improve Communication with your Employees

    Communication is very important in the workplace. Having proper communication within the proper context is a must. Here are some tips to help you and your employees communicate better and the make the work environment more efficient. Listening more and talking less means you will understand and bring your employees into the conversation. This helps them to trust you and make them feel that you rea…Read More

  8. Tips for an Efficient Meeting

    Planning your business meeting can be taxing. It is important that your meeting run efficiently and effectively to maximize everyone’s time. Having  a meeting run smoothly will keep your employees happy and smiling and the make them more efficient.Here are some tips to making sure you meeting runs smoothly. Have a clear vision. Before you start planning your meeting, it is essential that you d…Read More

  9. Scheduling for Therapists and Social Workers

    Therapy clients typically have a lot of needs. As a therapist or social worker you provide your clients with special care and tend to their specific needs. Part of doing that is making sure you get them in when they want to see you and that you keep organized so that you aren't double booking clients on the same day. It is important that you're available to your patients when they need you espe…Read More

  10. What Not to Do in Meetings

    Meetings are an essential part of most businesses an employees must take part in the meetings whether they like it or not. Meetings can be much more productive and efficient when the people involved are positive and take part in the meeting effectively. Here are some things not to do in a meeting. Keep the meeting focused and don't bring up unrelated issues. Don't be the person who derails the c…Read More