1. Using automated systems to personalize a client’s experience

    If you are looking to excel in a business where your employees will interact regularly with a large number of clients, one of the best ways to step ahead of the competition is in creating a pleasant customer experience. People remember and enjoy feeling like they are valued, that they are remembered, and they are special. Have you ever walked into somewhere and had the receptionist call you by nam…Read More

  2. Integrating technology in your workplace

    Humans have always benefited from careful and appropriate integration of technology into their lives. Just as improvements to farming allow more and more of the population to engage in other productive enterprises, proper use of technological advancement can make a marked difference in the success of our enterprises. With proper technological integration, the effort and time needed to complete a t…Read More

  3. Four Places to be Productive Outside of Your Workplace

    Some of us are great at showing up to work, being productive, and getting a lot accomplished, and then go home and feel like you have lost that drive. Part of this may have to do with burnout, as after a long day of work you might be low on energy, but there is more at play. Understanding what makes a good working environment will help you to be more effective in other areas of your life. Dependin…Read More

  4. Personalizing your Workflow

    When looking to optimize your itinerary, one of the best tools you have at your disposal is your understanding of yourself. Understanding how you work, and when you are likely to have energy will allow you to customize your schedule to best fit your habits. Therefore, when looking to customize a routine, you must first look to understand your work habits, and then work to shore up your weaknesses …Read More

  5. Improving Productivity through Communication

    Sometimes the way for us to create improvements in productivity is less about how we act as individuals, and more about how we interact with others. As we rarely are working in isolation, having effective communication skills will be an important tool to ensure that we are productive. Whether you are in a supervisory or team member position, having effective communication skills will raise the pro…Read More

  6. 5 reasons you need to make more Lists

    One of the best ways to stay on top of life is to organize your responsibilities, goals and projects. Writing down a list of the things that you need to accomplish can really help your ability to be productive and stay ahead. Here are 5 reasons why writing a list is a great step to take to help you get things done. 1. Having everything written down means that you won’t forget about things. Have …Read More

  7. Sleep Deprivation and You

    Unfortunately, many of the realities of modern life make it difficult to consistently get a good night’s sleep. Both the huge variety of responsibilities that may impinge upon our ability to find time for sleep, and the plethora of easily available distractions mean that people are sleeping less and less. However, there are massive problems looming as a result of chronic sleep deprivation. One o…Read More

  8. The importance of written accessible communication

    In a professional setting, one of the most important tools that we have is the ability to write down communication. Not only will this serve as a way to prevent he said she said confusion, but will also be available as a reminder and a record. Memory is unreliable, and so giving ourselves the tools to get past some of the unfortunate human weaknesses that we have is essential in maximizing product…Read More

  9. Pitfalls of Productivity

    When working on a project, there are many common ways that we get distracted, lose productivity, or otherwise slow ourselves down. Here are a few of the most common ways to lose productivity, and the best ways to avoid them. Understand technology Technology is an incredibly potent and powerful tool. However, tools can be powerful, and if we are not careful, can hinder rather than help us. Having a…Read More

  10. The Importance of Consistency

    When making changes, the easiest way to find room for improvement is in small but consistent adjustments in the way you work. Doing a small thing over a long period of time will have a massive effect on your bottom line. This is the same principle that makes it so important to have a budget. Sometimes it is hard for us to realize how small things can add up. For example, a daily 5-dollar cup of co…Read More