Time management is a skill that many strive to achieve. Time is something that is hard to manage and sometimes you need some advice on how to manage it. Here some common myths you may hear about time management so that you can avoid these when looking for advice.

1. People think that the faster you get something done the better. This is sometimes the case. However, you want to also make sure the job gets done with as little mistakes possible. Rushing something creates more margins for error. Spend more time on your task so that you do not have to go back and correct mistakes. Doing something on the first try and with an adequate level of quality will save you time in the long run.

2. Some think that taking breaks wastes your time. While you do not want to fall prey to distractions taking a break every now and then is good for productivity. Avoid taking overly frequent breaks but make sure you divide your day up in a manner that will not wear you down.

3. Another misconception about time management is that you should always finish a task no matter how long it takes. While this seems like a good practice some tasks can take a large amount of time. If you have a task that will only take an hour then it is a good idea to complete it before moving to another task. However, if you have something that takes 4 hours you may want to split the task into smaller goals and work on them during a set period of time.

4. People think that being a good multitasker is a great time saver. This may be true in some instances but it is typically better to devote all of your attention to the task at hand. That is why it is good to set aside blocks of time to complete a task so that you are only focused on the task in question. You could do a self-experiment at home and compare how much faster you get something done when you focus on it compared to when you are doing other tasks at the same time.

5. I can keep all my time managed myself. While most of us would love to believe that this is true it simply is not. Relying on other things to help manage your time is a must especially in a busy work environment. Use things like appointment scheduling software to help you with planning and appointment keeping.