When you’re your own boss, it can be difficult to stay efficient. It’s comparatively easy to look at another person and see when they’re being distracted or unfocused, but it’s not the same when you have to self-regulate.

We are not naturally self-critical, and when you are distracted by something, it’s because you think something else is more important than your work in that moment. That’s when you need someone else to snap you back to reality and help you prioritize, but you don’t have anyone to do that.

What you have is an unhappy client calling in at 10 a.m to complain about your work for an hour leaving you distressed and possibly with a loss of revenue to worry about. That affects the rest of your workday. Maybe you need to take an hour off just to scrape yourself back together and get back to doing your work. That destroys your productivity for the day.

For you, it becomes necessary to remove as many of these distractions in the first place. A lot of this is simple organizational principles. Having a proper schedule, a calendar, and living by it in a disciplined way. If you have that call scheduled beforehand, and don’t engage in it until the end of the day, then your workday isn’t affected at all.

Now, you can do that for yourself, but staying on top of your schedule gets much more complicated when you start mixing lots of other people into it.

Clients, customers, and freelancers need to be constantly managed. They send you emails, they call, they start fires, and they interrupt your workflow. To deal with this, it important to have a globally accessible schedule that lets you manage these interruptions before they happen.

You and your clients or contractors can schedule and confirm meetings in real time, without interrupting anyone or sorting through emails. You can dedicate a block of time every day for these meetings, and keep your schedule organized and clear for the rest of the day so that you can get to the business of doing business without distractions.

That’s the beauty of cloud computing. All of you can see and edit the same calendar at the same time, and see what the other person does as soon as they do it. This way, there cannot be any miscommunications, scheduling errors, or other asymmetries between your calendar and their calendar.

They don’t need to call you to ask for an appointment, and you can confirm, or change it down the line without calling them either. That’s two interruptions prevented right there. Spread that out over every meeting you will have and it adds up fast.

This new, hyper-efficient way of organizing your day can greatly improve your productivity. New systems like this have revolutionized personal communications for the last few decades through texting, and in a more primitive way, through email, and now you can bring this business application to bear for your business.

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