Are you ill or do you have a specific medical condition where you have to see a doctor quickly? Is it usually hard to get a doctor’s appointment and so you are concerned that you will not be able to get medical attention? Your doctor may be busy and have a huge workload and for that reason, you may have to go to the emergency room or walk-in clinic. These are viable alternatives to get a quick doctor’s appointment. You could still call your primary physician to discuss your illness and get a medical recommendation.

The Doctor’s Visit

Yes, first, you should contact your primary doctor’s office. While, you may not be able to see the doctor, the fact that you can explain your illness and get professional consideration and suggestions, then you are off to a good start. Remember, your primary doctor knows your medical history, so with the explanation of your symptoms, your doctor will be able to possibly ease your concern and tell you exactly what to do. You may also get a medical referral to a specialist, depending on your medical condition.

The Approach

If your primary doctor is unable to accommodate you right away and your illness, as the doctor may reveal when you call is not life threatening, make sure you keep the doctor’s office on the phone and schedule an appointment right away. You could go a step further and call back in a few days to see if someone was a no show and an appointment slot has opened up for you.

The Emergency Room

If your medical condition, as determined by your primary physician needs immediate attention, it will likely be suggested that you go straight to the emergency room. Of course, your health insurance will usually take care of the cost of going to an emergency room, but some people find that there will be some other costs associated with that visit.

Be Calm

Remain calm in your situation and be also courteous to the scheduler who will take your call at the doctor’s office. If the scheduler does not have an appointment slot for you, don’t be defensive or rude. Accept this as a fact and take the appropriate action that will offer a solution to you.


If your doctor finds that the situation requires urgency and the doctor’s office is open, you may find that most doctors will tell you to come right in, despite having no walk-in appointment slots at the time. Be sure to provide as much detail to your doctor’s office as possible. If the doctor is not available, then ask to speak to the head nurse. You could opt to send an email to your primary physician, but remember that your doctor is moving from one examining room to the next, taking care of other patients and so may not see your email right away. Your best bet is to make that initial phone call. One more important thing, though, is to utilize your doctor’s appointment scheduling service online, if there is one and you may just be fortunate enough to land an appointment slot.