It is important to have excellent communication skills in the workplace because this helps with time management and efficiency. The ability to communicate well keeps the staff more focused on meeting deadlines. In so doing, they will be able to manage their time in an effective manner. It is vital to understand the process of communicating in order to improve productivity and open the doors to many other opportunities for the company.

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Good communication allows the staff to have a feeling of importance, which is a positive outcome for the company as well. Many staff members have often made the complaint that they feel as if they are not being used in more communicative roles. To avoid this kind of complaint, it is best for companies to include their staff in instances where communication is a part of their job description, even if this communication is through email.

Staff Recognition

As a boss, you should do what is necessary to recognize the importance of each staff member. Show that you are concerned about any feelings of not being given communicative roles. This will make your staff feel more important. Face to face communication with staff is the first step and then email communication can follow.

Motivating Employees

There can be obstacles to having effective communication in a company or in a business transaction. It is essential that you remove all obstacles in order to motivate your employees. As a manager, it is best to identify these obstacles from the ‘get go.’ Anything that hurts the process of communication should be addressed immediately. What are some of those obstacles to avoid and address?

The Obstacles

One of the obstacles to proper communication in business is the inability to listen to employees or clients. Having poor listening skills is a detriment to any business owner. This means that you are not involved in the topic nor are you as concerned as you should be. For that reason, you may not be interested in the specifics of the conversation. It could also be that you have a difference in opinion or don’t want to play an active role. Another obstacle to proper communication is making certain assumptions before knowing the facts. Your body language will also show your level of communication.


Good communication also means asking the right questions in order to receive clarification. In a workplace setting, this is so important. If you are emotionally distracted, this can also impede your communication. An effective communicator will be able to be a stronger leader in the workplace. If your employees show a lack of good communication skills, it is your responsibility as an employer to ensure that it is improved.