Some of us are great at showing up to work, being productive, and getting a lot accomplished, and then go home and feel like you have lost that drive. Part of this may have to do with burnout, as after a long day of work you might be low on energy, but there is more at play. Understanding what makes a good working environment will help you to be more effective in other areas of your life. Depending on your living situation, your house or apartment might not be the best place to try and get work done. Here are several places that you can go to try and get work done.

1. A local coffee shop. Many public places have public Wi-Fi nowadays. In particular, restaurants and coffee shops are places that will nearly always offer decent quality free Wi-Fi. This would be a good environment if you like some background noise, but want to be away from distractions. There will be a background bustle, but there typically will not be many distractions.
2. A park. Working outdoors can be very hit or miss, depending on your personality. Some people feel overwhelmed or will get headaches due to the extra light, and outdoors can be noisier depending on the area. But if you enjoy these things, working outdoors can be revitalizing. A park with plants and fresh air can be a much more pleasant environment than your sofa.
3. A library. Libraries will have the benefit of a public, comfortable setting, but will have fewer background noises and a calmer atmosphere than some other public options. Most public libraries will have workstations or desks available for public use. This can be an ideal environment for people who like a cool quiet environment to focus in. Libraries have the additional benefit of serving as a resource. While most information can be found online nowadays, many librarians will employ research specialists who will be willing to help you find things that are more obscure.
4. Your house. The first three options were all things to help you escape your routine of non-productivity. While sitting on your couch may make things hard to work, you can still change your setting without leaving home. Setting up a workstation that is only used for work can help to train you to be productive. Once you sit down, your brain will be switching to work mode. Taking advantage of this ability to create a different setting without leaving home can be a very useful tool in increasing your productivity.