Employers have taken steps to engage in staff monitoring, primarily because many employees do not stay on task. Employers use all kinds of staff monitor tactics such as monitoring email, blocking employees from the Internet, GPS tracking, Appointment management system and phone tapping. Many employers will combine many of the technologies available to manage employee productivity and to minimize security and litigation. Employers have used their staff monitoring results to fire workers in attempt to stop the misuse of email sending and receiving as well as access to the Internet.

Company Policy

At the time of being employed, most workers get the company policy handbook and mission statements so as to understand what is expected of them. Many of these workers don’t read the company policy handbook and for that reason, run into difficulty in following the rules and guidelines. It is probably better for employers to do more than just hope that newly hired employees read the written policy. Instead, employers should have regular meetings to make sure that workers understand the importance of meeting the company’s expectations.

In the Pastnull

Years ago, the employer would count each computer keystroke made by an employer in an attempt of tracking their work activities. They could also record visited websites and actually read emails sent and received. Technology has improved and for that reason. distractions have caused employers to increase their staff monitoring tactics and stay abreast of ways that employees are being digitally distracted.

The Present

Employers are currently breaking down the way that employees get assignments done. They are also watching if a Facebook account is being used during normal working hours or if employees are actually getting things done. Employers check to see how many times files are being downloaded by installing specific programs to do the sleuthing for them. In fact, there is some software programs that send alerts to managers of specific keywords searched by employees such as how many times vacation rentals are being sought online by the employee. The manager can also tell if the employee switches from their work on an Excel project to shopping online for clothes.


Despite employee objects concerning staff monitoring and viewing it as spying, employers are still maintaining this practice. The legal latitude given to employers to do these things is quite broad, in such a way that most states do not have any requirements for employers to send notification to employees that they are being watched. The driving force of staff monitoring is the concern for company security and improving productivity. Social media has made it quite worse and employers have no choice, but to ensure that employees respect time management and company productivity. Employers, these days believe that if workers are aware of how time is spent during work hours, they tend to use their time more wisely. It shouldn’t be considered as policing, but employee mentoring.