To schedule a driving lesson with an instructor, most times, you have to make a phone call. What happens if the instructor is out on the road, trying to teach students how to drive? Many driving instructors are independent contractors with no access to an office, but they do business over their cell phone. For that reason, for a student interested in going to driving school, it may not be convenient to keep calling a driving instructor to make an appointment and not be able to get through. That is why an online appointment scheduling system is important.

Appointment Scheduling and Reminding                             

In many cases, the students have to schedule appointments after hours. However, what about appointment reminders? How does the driving school instructor work around this? It is important that the instructor embrace an online appointment scheduling system. This kind of approach would be ideal for both the instructor and the student. Why? For one, the student would be able to schedule appointments over the Internet and more importantly, receive appointment reminders by text, email or phone.

Available Slots

A driving school instructor has a certain number of available slots to fill in a specific day. Remember, too that by nature, driving lessons are usually administered one on one. For that reason, the process of signing up for driving lessons should be simplified and easy for the student. If driving lessons are managed efficiently, it will invite more students to participate in lessons. The opposite is true if inefficiently managed.

Online Scheduling System
Online Scheduling System

Reduce No Shows

There are times in a driving instructor’s business life that a student should have shown up for lessons, but the appointment was cancelled and the instructor only found out after listening to the answering machine message afterwards. It would be easier to reduce ‘no shows’ by enrolling in an appointment scheduling system online.

Difficult Factors

One of the most difficult factors in the driving school industry is resource management and appointment scheduling. It is important to have a system in place where driving school staff has to input their schedules and double scheduling can be avoided. An appointment scheduling system will help the instructor to keep track of daily working hours. It also will help with communication between student, parents, staff and instructor.


The online appointment scheduling system will be able to capture the relevant information of both students and parents. This would include email address, phone number and attending high school. Email and phone number will serve as a conduit for appointment reminders. Parents will always stay informed on how the student is progressing and driving education would be always the primary focus.

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