Physicians and other healthcare providers might be missing out on the opportunity for existing patients or new patients to schedule appointments more efficiently and conveniently. Why? Well, if healthcare providers do not offer opportunities for online scheduling via computer or mobile device, then it will be more difficult for the patient. Many of the existing patients will be ‘no shows,’ or unable to make changes to the initial appointments.

The Convenience Factor

These days, many people prefer to do things online or over their mobile applications. For that reason, physicians and healthcare providers should pay attention to this. There are many of these people who would rather schedule appointments over the Internet instead of picking up a phone and communicating their needs to an office receptionist. It probably is due to the convenience factor involved. Tapping a screen is easier than picking up a phone.

The Demographics

When doctors offer convenience for online scheduling, the practice improves the experience that the patient has. It also provides a competitive advantage to the healthcare market.

Online Scheduling

The group using the Internet more than others tends to be 25 to 34 year individuals. This does not mean that online appointment scheduling cannot be offered to other demographics. Overall, appointment scheduling online should be seen as a major element of the acquisition and retention of patients to a medical practice.

The Research

Research has been done to indicate that the future of online scheduling will reach more than sixty six percent in 2019. It has also been reported that about sixty four percent of doctor’s patients are already scheduling appointments on the Internet. Almost thirty eight percent of these patients, which is about 986 million patients, will book their appointments. This will earn healthcare providers about $3.2 billion. So, for this reason, medical providers should definitely jump on this bandwagon.

The New Patients

The same research data also indicates that sixty three of new patients will seek out online scheduling of appointments. Because this has become a common practice, it will attract new patients over a short period of time. Patients want to make sure that they have more than one option in booking appointments.

Full Waiting Rooms

With online appointment scheduling, doctors will find their waiting rooms get filled up more quickly and stay that way overall. It will also prevent or reduce ‘no shows.’ When this service is appropriately implemented, it improves customer service and the patient’s experience. It also helps staff to manage their time better.


Online scheduling is not just a positive for the medical field, but for pet groomer, personal fitness trainers and corporations, just to name a few. Once you operate a service business, you and your patients or customers will benefit from online appointment scheduling.