meetingGoing to a meeting comes with some expectations. You are expected to show up on time with anything you needed to prepare with you. Getting to and through a meeting can be a challenge. There are many things you should do in a meeting but sometimes people do not know what you should never do in a meeting. Here are some things you should do and should never do in a meeting so you can avoid them and be a happy successful employee.

One thing you should always make sure you do is to let your people know when and where the meeting is and to make sure you have the location booked so someone else will not be there. It would be embarrassing if everyone showed up to you meeting but the spot you were going to hold it was already full. Booking a location is part of planning for a meeting and should always be done well in advance.

Make sure all of the materials are in the room. If you will be using a projector or any sort of electronic device make sure you have all the necessary equipment. Nothing slows a meeting down more than someone having to run across the office to get a part for the projector or having to call IT to come fix something. If you expect people to take notes make sure to bring materials for them. You should not rely on people to bring anything unless they were specifically asked to. If you need them to take notes provide them with note taking materials.

Also, plan what you will do at the meeting. This sounds like a no brainer but some people do just go to meetings and try to wing it. This is not professional and does not set a good example for your employees. Having a plan will help the meeting flow better, making sure you get all the information you needed to communicate out.

Make sure to draw people in and keep their attention. Bring snacks and coffee to help people focus. Make the power point or poster presentation interesting. Ask participation questions to engage the people in your meeting and keep attention focused.

This information, if followed, will lead to a happy constructive meeting. Meetings are precious time and should not be wasted .Using the information here will make sure you get the most out of your meeting.