Solve Procrastination
Solve Procrastination

Many people will procrastinate and become laid back from one time or the other. This is easy for some people to do because of various different reasons. It could be a personality trait or it could be that they have taken on more than they can chew off. It could also be the scope of the project and the extensive planning that it will require. It could also be that these individuals just don’t feel like carrying out the task.

Different Ways of Showing

However, overall, most people will simply delay their actions because of not managing time more wisely. They keep putting it off with the intention of finally getting to it, but they never do. If you can take care of something as it comes up, then it will give you more leeway, in case something else has to be taken care of later. Some people display their procrastination by arriving late to an appointment or meeting. Did you know that this kind of behavior can appear unprofessional to your clients? It can also create more stress as it puts you on a path of always feeling rushed. Your reputation is at stake when you continue to live on ‘borrowed time.’ In the long run, your actions run the risks of adversely affecting your health.

Changing the Habit

To change this bad habit, your first thought process is to consider how valuable other people’s time is as yours. When you are late for an appointment or meeting, someone has to wait on you. This person may become annoyed at you and don’t want to meet with you again. It shows disrespect when you undervalue someone else’s time. Many people will believe that you are not reliable and you may not be given major projects to complete at work.

Automated Scheduling

How do you make the changes? In both your personal and business life, you should always have a calendar of things to do and when to do it. While you can use the calendar on your mobile device as a reminder, it may be better to have access to an automated online scheduling system. You would be sent the appropriate reminders so that you can stay on track with your time management. In fact, this could be what you needed to teach you effective time management skills. You would go to your meetings on time and reduce your ‘no show’ rate as it relates to keeping appointments.


Always plan your life and activities in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute and always follow through. Eliminate distractions that will weigh you down. Utilize appointment booking. To lead a stress-free life, try to find the tools and resources that will allow you to do so.